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EXSUS INVEST facilitates the acquisition of residency, immigration and citizenship through investment. We create individual solutions in order to remove visa restrictions, make a “backup residency” in a safe and stable country, and optimize taxation by changing tax residency. We accompany our clients in all stages of the process and support them with our consultations and assistance.


EXSUS INVEST offer services of the highest standards for the whole process of investment in Cyprus through Alternative Investment Funds. We support prestigious companies and high-net-worth individuals with our advice and guidance and we know how to plan, evaluate, and implement high-potential financial investments.


EXSUS INVEST helps clients secure their assets and increase wealth by investing in real estate, the best way of long-term investment as the property value grows exponentially over time. We facilitate and assist in acquisition of property and make the process fast and easy. We help our clients not only protect their assets from inflation, we establish ways the assets work for them generating passive income. Furthermore, by investing in property, and in accordance to the investment amounts, our clients may take part in residency/citizenship schemes in Cyprus and Greece.

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